CS- 1429 

The CS-1429 is our latest design, and the most popular by far. The patented, totally enclosed unit is maintenance free, has no moving parts, per se, contains no mercury, (environmentally safe), has no battery nor does it require power, has a test line, can be affixed to the flow pipe as shown or hung free from somewhere above, 

Sump well with a CS-1429 installed waiting for rising water!

Flow pipe

Drain tile


Test line


Green mark

Sump pump

Sump pump float switch

Rising water allows the ball to float and trigger the alarm!
Here's the CS-1429 Being 'tested'. Check out the taunt red test line as it's being pulled up by the home owner.  Doing so, rotates the fixed alarm contact to position itself under the vertical hanging magnet triggering the alarm. Test at least twice a year!

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